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A mall kiosk is a small retail shop located in a shopping center aisle. The mall kiosk is a relatively new innovation in retail. It can be found in all major shopping centers in the United States. A mall kiosk is typically owned by a retailer, while a similar mall cart is rented. Mall kiosks were first introduced in 1990. Since then, they have seen many changes and are now available in a wider range of styles and shapes. Mall kiosks take advantage of foot traffic and try to attract impulse buyers. A mall kiosk owner can show his or her products to the public without having to sell them inside a storefront. Many kiosk owners invite passers-by who are interested in their products to come and watch demonstrations. The mall kiosk is cheaper than traditional stores because it can be kept fully stocked. By turning previously unutilized spaces into retail spaces, the kiosk model is a benefit to the mall. For small specialty products such as cosmetics, jewelry, toys or cosmetics, kiosks and carts work best. Others offer more unique offerings such as futuristic icecream or chair massage. Many people use mall kiosks to promote their business, such a gym or travel agency. The mall kiosk is ideal for some products because it offers both visibility and space. Others use the kiosk to launch larger, more established businesses with permanent stores.
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